Sunday, May 29, 2011

GIR fully rigged. GIR is a light air flyer.

Reef #2 & cruising!

2010 Texas200 David & Dad

Preperation for the Texas 200

Preparation for the 2011 Texas 200 has started. This year the Goat Island Skiff designer, Michael Storer, from Australia is coming to Texas to sail on our GIR.
This event is a great event along the southern coast of Texas within an extensive shallow body of water behind our barrier islands known as Padre Island. We will be sailing in miles of open water but extremely shallow water. It is not uncommon to be out of sight of land but sailing only in 4 feet of water. Ask anyone that has sailed the Texas 200 and you will find that all of us have touched the bottom at some time.
Check out Texas for more information concerning this event.
It's a great honor to have Michael Storer on my boat this year. We will be sailing my Goat Island Skiff which is the prototype yawl rigged version of his successful balanced lug rigged GIS. Clint Chase of Clint Chase Boat builders was instrumental in designing the yawl rig for the GIS. With the collaboration of Clint and Mik, my kids and I build the first yawl rigged Goat Island Skiff last year just in time for the 2010 Texas 200.
This year Mik, is crewing with me to get a firsthand look at the first yawl rigged GIS.