Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp 3

No signal at camp 3 so this is from Camp 4 (36miles), Camp 3 was a quick sail, Not because of the distance of 30 miles, but because it was blowing so hard. We had a solid 18-20. Mik and I were plowing thru waves and screaming thru the fleet somehwat under control. We sailed by the lee most of the time which is so new to me, but the boat handled it great. Mik is a great teacher and as we blasted thru the waves I learned a great deal. With the Number 1 reef in, we were too busy to look at the GPS to see how fast we were going.
We lost a couple of boats, broken steering cable, torn sail, and one boat that nearly swamped after they ran aground on a lee shore. There are 3 boats that have spilt from the rest. 2 Gooses and a Laguna. The Laguna is a 23 foot boat designed and built just for this event and it is acting as the mothership for the 2 small 12 foot Gooses.

We have some good video of the boat racing along, but it takes to much battery life toi load them, so they will post later after we get back to dry land.

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  1. Thanks for the report John! Don't sweat the images; there'll be plenty of time for that later. Did you sail by the lee to reduce bottom pounding? What was MIK's reasoning?