Thursday, June 9, 2011

Test Fit of Gear

It's always a challenge to go thru the gear and find a place to pack it all in a small boat. This is most of the gear minus the food. Looking from the front of the boat to the back the picture shows:
Anchor, sleeping bags, inflatable pillows, and the red jug is for things like wallets and cell phones. All that fits in the front hatch minus the anchor which stores under the mast. In the fore ground is the oars and camera booms. The big wooden boards are the daggerboard and rudder which help steer the boat. Lots of water jugs and the black spray bottle is for taking showers. The red igloo and black box will carry cold and dry foods with some other gear. These boxes go inside a large duffel bag that is tied into the boat. If we capsize all the gear will stay with the boat. At the rear of the boat are repair kits for boat and sails, extra line and heavy food items and our sleeping pads.

Also within this post I am testing the wireless blog entry and photo posting. If every goes well we will have and great time and I hope to capture the spirit of the Texas 200 on film.

Best Wishes

Somehow all this fit in the boat last year, so it should fit this time around.

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