Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp 4

We have camped along the mouth of Corpus Christe Bayou. The camp is located in a nice protected cove from the ever blowing sea breeze. We are up on a old oyster reef with a small lake and a few very short bushes and trees. The beach area is not muddy. Some people sleep on therir boats while other pitch tents. Some boats carry so much gear compared to us. Since our harches are so small we have a whole lot of little bags that are gear fits in so it can be pushed thru the hatch. Other boats have huge hatches and they jusy use big plastic storage containers to store gear.

We stopped at Snoopy's Resturant at North Padre Island today for lunch and water resupply. The cool shade and some good crab cakes we a welcome break from the noon day sun.

We practiced sailing under mizzen alone today. We saw an average of about 4.5 mph in 20 knots of breeze and 12 inches of water. It shallow around here. WE poked along with the
#3 reef after a while and enjoyed a great sailing up a busy channel and to our camp. There is a full moon tonight and it's jusy now peeking thru the fast moving clouds. There is a forecast of 20-28 knots tomorrow. This will be a tricky day for navigating, and we have planned an alternate camp just in case the wind picks up too much.

Camp 5 in up in Cedar Bayou which is just a small cut thru to the ocean. We hope to make it up there before the wind get to high. Right now at 8pm the wind is a steady 15 knot. It going to blow I think reaally hard tomorrow.

Good night all.

The Goat Island Skiff if performing great, the mizzen is very useful and Mik is a kick to sail with,

JDG and Mik

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