Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have finished the Texas 200. High winds, big waves and lots of fun. The group is now at Seadrift Texas having a great shrimp boil and Shiner Beer has sent a few cases of Light Blond & Bock iced cold in some huge coolers. Ice cold beer and shrimp is so good, plus some ice cold watermelon.

Our last camp was up in Cedar Bayou which proved a challenge to all of us that sailed or had to walk up the bayou to the camp. We short tacked up 3 miles of bayou to get within a 1/4 of a mile before we ran out of water. We walked the boat the last 1/4 mile in knee deep water. Other that came in later had to walk the whole 3.25 miles since the tide went out, maybe 3-6" which was just enough to made the channel impossible to sail in. The camp was beautiful, the dune were the best I have seen on the Texas coast. Worth the effort to get there. We had a great camp fire and we all told sailing stories and fish tales.

The sail today was a lumpy day. The wind created some deep downwind sailing with following seas. We took it easy with the #2 reef & mizzen and still hit 11.2 mph one time. We stayed around 7mph with little effort but still had to be careful.

This has been a fantastic trip. Mik has been a great teacher and we have had the Goat Island Skiff flying all this week. What a great event with lots of great people and homebuilt boats.

That all for now.

pictures will come later, it's time for more shrimp and beer

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  1. Congratulations on a safe and successful voyage! Totally by coincidence, I happen to have Shiner Bock in my fridge right now. A toast to Gir and the able bodied crew aboard her (him? it?)!!!